All about Show cooking


Welcome to the Brookfield Show Cookery Section blog! I will be adding updates, hints and tips and recipes as we get closer to the Show held in May each year in Brisbane, Queensland, so make sure that you subscribe for updates, and keep checking back.

I have been Chief Steward of the Cookery Section at the Brookfield Show since 2005, and a Steward since 1997, and in another life I am an academic. We have a wonderful group of volunteer Stewards who help out each year at the Show, and we always needs new volunteers. Please think about helping out and joining our friendly group!

We also need new sponsors each year to keep the Cookery Section going. As well as access to the 27,000 people who come through the gates each year, most of whom visit the Cookery, our sponsors also get targeted exposure to the hundreds of exhibitors each year, who we direct towards the businesses who sponsor us.

For more information about the Cookery, see the Brookfield Show website at:

I look forward to seeing you at the Show!

Geraldine Mackenzie



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